An Open Letter to D’Addario Strings.

I hope by this point you realize that I’m a musician and that I’m profoundly cranky and opinionated. Today I get to bring the two together. Right here is the rewards program that is offered by my preferred string company. It’s garbage and I think they should know it.

I don’t endorse anything. I am not getting money from anyone to use their products nor am I supplied by any company with equipment. I pay for the stuff I have or build it myself. I have, however, consistently strung almost every string instrument in my house with D’addario strings.

My hopes for them:

I know, D’addario, You’re not selling to me. You already have my business. I get that, but the reward program is a bit insulting.

I patronize a small local music store, where I can talk about the profession…about music….about the reasons I buy instruments and what I do and take seriously. The idea that I will purchase what I believe to be tools important to my vocation and will be rewarded with coffee mugs and T-shirts leaves me pretty cold. I don’t need a pint glass or a hat, I need opportunities and networking…that’s something you have access to that I do not. That would be a value. Share experience and some things that I can’t buy at a store. I will not save my UPCs to do your advertising.

Or you can do nothing. I will still put your strings on my guitar – because I think you make a reliable product. I realize that the bulk of your business is to hobbyists who want to be identified as such by their hats and shirts, however, is there something more you can do for those of us who view our relationship as business to business? I believe that those of us playing music as business owners are the people who are the influencers; whose recommendations carry a little more gravity; who stay in contact with other businesses…who will not only advertise for you, but refer you.

Please consider,

at thekevintrudo dot org

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