Clarification (I hope)

Alright. I confused you.

I didn’t mean it. Let me give you a couple of reasons.

I am trying to be excellent. I am trying to reach a very small number of people and I know this. I can’t go about trying to be everything to everyone and I know it. I used to think that numbers would take care of everything and I’m learning that this is a pretty silly proposition. If I try to make everyone happy or love me or if I try to be all thing to all folks I’m going to lose.

So are you.

I really only want people to connect with me if they want to. It can’t be about making a lot of connections, it has to be about making useful and meaningful connections. So I gave everyone the option to get out of my marketing. I hate commercials unless they are about something I care about. I don’t want the resentment of you having to watch my commercials. I would much prefer that you hear about the things I do because I’m remarkable and you’re interested.

Does this make sense?

I just wanted to clarify that there was no spite, despair, anger or sarcasm in the email I sent today. That was one of those genuine please for us all to do the right thing and only care about those things we can care well about. I’m not trying to get rid of anyone who doesn’t want to be gotten rid of; for those of you who don’t really want to hear about it I’m offering a guilt free way to not get commercials for medicine you neither want nor need.

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  • Ron Donavon says:

    Sometimes, it seems to me, the commercials are as entertaining as the show. I think I’ll stay tuned.

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