It’s cool to have specialized problems.

I’m trying to drum up some radio. Nope, I’m not trying to get some of that old fashioned stuff, I’m looking for real people who have their own little stations and podcasts like I have my own little studio. It’s not as easy as it sounds for me. I have no idea where to go….I don’t know where I am.

I sound like me. I have the genre thing on it, I’m adult contemporary/ adult alternative. That’s if I care about XRT and I only care some…..on the internet anything goes and even looking in the specialized niches I find I’m not a fit.

First things said: before I submit to a radio program or podcast I listen to it. I want to know it’s well done and cared for, I want to know if I fit. Passing that test is rare and time consuming. Very time consuming. I dunno precisely what I do. I call the music I make “loud folk” which I’ve been all proud of myself for having come up with on my own, because it’s two things I wish to be defined as: Folk Music and Loud. I have an intense and well planted love of the idea of “folk music”, just not so much the execution.

“Folk Music” as a genre sucks. It’s political or poorly written as a lump, and I don’t know when it became something pure and hokey, but it did. I understand folk music as music by a people. Seriously, it’s a lot of songs about how life is like some body of water and having to kill their true love. Lame.

to me folk music is best defined as the music of a people. Like us, midwesterners and such. We have our lives and our cultures and our art lives in a body of song that is well written and tells our story. It’s none of that shit. It’s our music.

Loud scares people, but I’m loud. I feel that some of the old folks like me are a little intimidated by the adjective, but it’s stuff you’ve heard. Loud is good. I love the sound of air being moved by amplifiers. I love guitars and I love to play them. I grew up on the Beatles and Zeppelin. I’m gonna play that way. Loud and dirty.

It’s just that for a long time the loud songs sucked and the good songs often ignored the primal.

So. January is gonna bring this new trio, Meathawk. Justin and I already started recording and we’re integrating this loud folk thing a little closer now with Chad. I’ll have some recordings soon and I hope to see you in January. In the meantime..if you hear of a radio station or a podcast where I’ll fit, let me know….


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