Kevin Kodachrome

There’s a few places I try to get to pretty often. There’s a few places I try to get to pretty often. This is one of them and I’ll confess, I was religious about it a month ago and I’m becoming a Creaster as I run around like Diogenes with a wheel barrow.

The other night I was recording and my wife came in as I was screwing up a mandolin part. I was infinitely patient with her, as I always am. I remember saying something like “dear, this is a time when I’m just darn frustrated and perhaps I’m just not my best self…..can we talk in a little while?” …..because that’s how I talk when I’m fucking pissed at a computer, a song, an instrument and my hands……never-the-less she had wanted me to see this blog and then this blog (in that order) and I waved my hand and said, “yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it” and then forgot about it.

So the next morning as I’m in the shower Jenny comes in the bathroom and asks me if I got a chance to read Teresa’s blog and I hadn’t done it but said I would. I finally snuck it in and realized that I had to share. I don’t have anything to add, but I rarely do with Molly. No commentary, no synopsis, no ado, just an introduction to someone I really want to share with you, She’s honest, funny, open, warm and evil. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. for those of you unadventurous with links (cowards)

Tomorrow is Tuesday and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t make the password a little harder to get……let me know.


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There are 3 Comments to "Kevin Kodachrome"

  • The Wife says:

    Kevin of the Infinite Patience…sure, babe
    Anywho, I’m happy that you finally looked & even happier you are sharing it here.

  • Molly M. says:

    Sincerely and completely, Thank you.

    The time you took to write this, you could have been writing music, playing guitar, walking around with Django, or even counting slices of cheese. I’m honored that you chose to use it on me and my little blog. :)

  • Jeff says:

    Nice, well put. :) I was really impressed with it as well.

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