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I am getting me own combo and calling it the kevin trudo. I am like you in this: it will happen and it will make money. I will be running the whole sumbitch with an iron claw. I will have setlists and song samples. We start playing late Oct at the earliest, likely Nov. We will be a three piece and we will be good as hell.

We’ll play my handmade songs and covers that either

A. Rock
B. Make girls wiggle
C. Make people laugh
D. Make us look good and please crowds of folks.

We will NOT get signed or famous. We will not wreck our relationships or our lives. We will not have to give up other things we like or love to do. We will not fight. We will ROCK like the rockingest rockers that ever rocked a rock. There will be an acoustic incarnation and the proverbial rocking three piece sex machine version 1.0.

Seriously, here,
I think  you know me, I want something light and easy to book and get paid from that really is fucking good. I don’t want to kill anyone with rehearsals or a schedule. I just want great players and a great time.  I’m willing to book around your commitments and fill up what I can to help you out.  I want to pay well and build this so it pays better. I’ve said enough, but I would like to start something and give us time to have our schedules and be ready in a few months, please let me know.

Love you,


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