T61 is the affectionate term forĀ thesixtyone dot com and I signed up and I’m actually impressed as hell with what they have going on.

Yes, I linked to myself. I think you should join anyway, but I would appreciate you giving a listen to the guy who sent you. It’s free and good way to hear new music. I have this issue a lot of the time where I hate the music being sold to me – you know the stuff I’m talking about – the abject shit I feel I’m being asked to like: Smegma such as Cobra Starship and The <shudder> Black Eyed Peas.

I have been asking myself lately who I am. I’m writing another dumb post about that…I’ll get it out eventually (I wish you all knew how slowly I actually get things done) but the thing I can’t seem to find is folks like me. I say that about music of course..

I’m anything but revolutionary as a song writer, but I see a lot of groups playing out, but very few that I could comfortably share a bill with…I’m working on that…but the question is: “where do I find those people?” I won’t describe the process, but the place I found the other day is The Sixty One.

Just give it a try, it’s slowly turning into my radio when I’m working. I just find so much I like – and it’s a mix of indy and semi-indy artists – that I need to set up a straight user account, I’m not able to heart from the artist account.

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