You need to read this if you want to know what I’m scheming.

And I am scheming. Kinda…..

Tuesdays are boring. I’m going to do something to sweeten that up for me and anyone willing to play along.

Every Tuesday through October I’ll be posting a new song…not from the disc I’m recording, that will be out in it’s entirety In December…nope these will be covers. I’ll arrange, record, edit, mix and post a new song every Tuesday on a page called the Tuesday Project here on the site.

The tunes will be things you know with my thumbprint on them, a story and the ability to download them. I don’t have rights and I’m not getting them, so I’m not going to allow commerce to sully them…just take them, all I want is the connection with you on Facebook.

That’s the one caveat: To get the pass word you’ll need to be a fan on Facebook.

So, link up with me there and I’ll send out the new password for this page every Tuesday starting next week. I won’t say the time of day or night because I’m recording everything late at night when Maddie is asleep and Jen is studying, but sometime every Tuesday.

Seemed like a great idea, show your excitement for my poor interpreting and recording skill with a fan status.

Thanks for playing.


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