Saving the world

is boring and it’s not gonna happen because we believe in it so passionately that we are willing to scream it, or pound it into existence, or we’ll fight for it or because we are so committed that we will work at it every day of our lives.

Some of this stuff works, but it’s more for things we have a right to be indignant about. You have power to change things by force only when you have the permission of a moral society; when people are ready for your tea party or your revolution it will gain traction, other wise you’re gonna get your head smashed. “Capital P” People are very strong. Look at our amazing ability to enact either good or evil on a planet when we have a good idea or we’re greedy.

Not the point. What I’m talking about is not the act of showing people their own hearts. Social change will always be that. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t try to take away someone right to get into a losing contract with another human being just because they’re gay. We know that. It’s already mapped out in our hearts not to be mean to the different kid because we’re the different kid, too if you change the room or dig a little into us. We know this. Gay marriage will happen because if you say the right thing enough eventually the bastards on this planet will shut up. As a married guy, I look forward to sharing this dubious agreement with all members of this world. Best of luck and enough on that.

My point is that if you want to make a movement to save a community or an old building or a theater company you’re not going to do it by force.

Nope. If we want a better world or a community we have to make it fun. We need to play together. We need to make a movie. Write a song or figure out a lipsync/dance thing to Men Without Hats. There’s gotta be money, but there has to also be what this guy calls church:

There’s a video here if you’re getting this on a feed…sometimes wordpress just makes me mad. Not the point. The point is 5 minutes in when he gives us the best blueprint I’ve ever seen for saving the world:

Make it fun. Bring some joy, some glee and a lot of excellence. Remember to care about the people involved if you want them to care about you. Remember to miss them when they can’t be there.

Let’s make a movie. Let’s grow a garden and let’s celebrate the hell out of it.

If you missed the movie click here or here for the original post.

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