2010 is about bled out. Time to look for what’s next.

Wow. This is new again. I haven’t posted here in a long time outside of updating Tuesdays.  The thing is it’s hard to know exactly what I should say that anyone would care about; I have two other places I post a little more regularly…then facebook…then twitter…and this site is just about me and music and it’s hard for me to imagine anyone getting all excited about me talking about the things I’m planning or just did.

Nevertheless, outside of family, I spend much of my time working on music…teaching it, writing it, playing it. It should be pretty natural to talk about it outside of my kitchen.  In a joyous celebration of how much I love this one thing I’ve loved my entire life I have 3 lists: What I did: what I’m doing and what I’m planning that I may or may not get to:


4 combos. Great relationships. New folks listening. I love everything from Meathawk to the Shows with Matt McCain where I get to play with songs and hear his voice. On Matt’s advice, Ron Donavon joined Chad and Justin and meself this last spring. Debbie Does Covers has been fun and is going well. I wrote a lot of songs for Tuesdays. A lot of them I liked. Even more of them disappointed, but all of them teach.

2011 (for real).

I have a thing going on. I’m going to continue Tuesdays. I initially had no plans beyond 2010 to keep it going. It’s been a bitch trying to do something every week and life gets in the way. I need some life. So here’s how I’m going to do it:

I’ll have something every Tuesday, but only twice a month will it be a song. I’m not promising new content, I have a lot of songs laying around that I want to work out. Here’s my other change to my rules: some of this will be sketch work. I want to share some of the unfinished stuff and some of my ideas as opposed to something I made into some realization. Other Tuesdays where a song doesn’t show up I might share something else I made or something wonderful but also a song from someone I met or know. I have a few plans to share some folks with you.

I’m putting out 4 EPs this year. They will all be handmade and they will all be very limited.  I will have 6 or 7 new songs every few months and something I hope is wonderful in the way of presenting them.

I’m going to play a lot and hope you show up. Meathawk will ride again.

2011 (would be cool)

I’d like to work with people in a way I haven’t for a few years. I took up drawing. I want to work with some new folks and find some new things. Strings.  Accordion crimes.  Banjo. More mandolin. Very loud folk. Some electronics. Duos and work with folks out side of the medium I typically use.

All things that have been on my radar for some time, but I am a coward. Here’s my biggest hope for 2011:

I hope to be less of a coward this year.

Love y’all tons. Thanks for sticking around with me.


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