I refuse to believe that we’re all abunch of dumb hicks.

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So, Everything is against this. I hate to sound that way, but it is. I’m old. Not elderly, but too old for this. there’s just not a ton of folks out there that are going to reinvent the Great American Song or start a rock band to play said songs in their mid thirties. I feel a little like Anvil. Not completely, but the long view is that it feels a bit silly sometimes.

Then there’s the geography. I live and I’m proud to live in Aurora, Illinois. It’s big town, but a still a suburb of Chicago. Historically it’s not the best place to play in a band that plays songs they wrote.

What goes over in Aurora, Illinois is the Tribute Band.

But still I refuse to believe that we’re all just a dumb bunch of hicks out here in the sticks. I look at the people I know and they’re not all tied to going out every weekend to hear something they know. The safe choices. ¬†A lot of them are still pretty hungry to find something that moves them. I’m trying.


I don’t much care if it’s a Quixotic endeavor to write the Great American Song. I’m gonna try any-ol-how. It’s what I do.

I had a brief conversation with Mike Heaton last week and it’s good to know that there’s a few of us doing it. There’s Side of Beef and Groove Ethics and Sitticus and Noah Gabriel and Matt McCain and sometimes Loukeelium and a whole lot more. I can’t think of them all, and I’m sorry if I forgot you, but the point is there’s a lot and everyone – me, too – needs to get out and see them and support the ones we love and try out the ones we don’t know and encourage them to make their own music. There’s gotta be a support group and a business model in this place.

I’m way too stupid to quit. I’ll keep on no matter what.

Hope to see you on the 13th @ ballydoyle. We hit @ 8:30 and have two of the above to follow.

Thanks so much for the love and for what’s coming. I can’t do it alone and none of the guys above can either and neither can the people I hope you name in the comments and who are your favorites. Coe out and we’ll make the best music we know how. ¬†Connect with Me + Meathawk and keep us up on what we’re doing right and screwing up.

Thanks. Just….thanks.

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