So…Saturday. It’s on. 8:30. Ballydoyle. Aurora, Il.

If you hate reading and I’m too wordy skip to the end. I’ll highlight the last thing to read:

We made up the best songs we know how to make up. I tried to say it right; make it something you can relate to; say it well. We rehearsed. I think we’re playing a fair amount of tunes I’ve tried to get you to listen to before, but just in case we learned a cover so you wouldn’t feel like we threw strange songs at you all night. We told everyone we could think of. We told them again. We contacted newspapers and websites and facebook about it (just in case you haven’t heard). Then told everyone we knew to come and to tell everyone they knew to come. So you’re coming. Wonderful. I’m nervous. I want to put on a great show. I want to sell these tunes to you. I want to connect. I want this to be fun. I mean, I’m gonna have a good time, but it’s kinda more fun if you do, too.

Ultimately, though, It’s gonna be fun if you have fun. If you have some friends out and hear things you like. We got the tunes and I hope you’re bringing 10 of your closest buddies. We’re gonna have an amazing time. I want you to be there and I want you to like us, but mostly I want you to drink a couple and enjoy each other and laugh a whole ton. Come laugh at me and find Justin dreamy and marvel at Chad’s beard. We are our own sideshow.

We’re gonna do the best we can. I can’t wait to see everyone. This is an oddly huge night for me.

One thing I definitely want to recommend to you, I have a friend Maureen Gasek who is an amazing visual artist and who has been kind and welcoming and let me and Chris Bauler play in her living room then gave Chris a painting. she’s helped me out tremendously and introduced me to some great people I hope to introduce you to. But these are the reasons I love her. You should go to the Paramount arts center and fall in love with her work. Say hello from me, I’m not sure I can get there with our load in time. I will be missing a lot about it.

See you Saturday,


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