7/16/2013 El Mismo

Updating. Code has been involved. I find this unpleasant.

The main page has the combos I’m working right now and I took down the snark that has been sitting there for the last few years. It’s not that I don’t agree with it, but it gets to be time to say something else. Ergo, the blog is reborn. I’m slow here, I won’t update much – don’t expect a lot out of me – but it is time to get some stuff out in a few ways.

One is the resolution to record. I’m not going to charge for it. I’m past that, but these things cost money and I can’t bring myself to be a kickstarter kind of guy, so you may have to be patient. I have contacted quite a few people about quite a few possibilities. Life is grand and wide open.

Videos are in the future. Collaborations. St. Malarkey. Lots of family time. I love my family. Two kids, two cats, two dogs and a wie with at least two personalities. But I’m a get it going. I’m not going to share too many details right now, but I’ll get there.

For now I just want to say that the site is going to have some new things and I got rid of a bunch of the old. Y’know, cause screw it. I don’t need as much.

It’s my hope that this finds you well. I’m not going to publicize this. If you found it, lucky you.

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