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7/16/2013 El Mismo

Same old BS promises

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2010 is about bled out. Time to look for what’s next.

Wow. This is new again. I haven’t posted here in a long time outside of updating Tuesdays.  The thing is it’s hard to know exactly what I should say that anyone would care about; I have two other places I post a little more regularly…then facebook…then twitter…and this site is just about me and music [...]

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Moving forward (or some sort of manifesto where I make big promises.)

Some things have changed. Well, for me almost all things have changed, but not really. The mission, the vision, the thing I do is the same. the way is all kinds of different. Mr. Padilla told me in high school over and over again that if I have a fall back plan, I’ll fall back. [...]

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Saving the world

is boring and it’s not gonna happen because we believe in it so passionately that we are willing to scream it, or pound it into existence, or we’ll fight for it or because we are so committed that we will work at it every day of our lives. Some of this stuff works, but it’s [...]

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I did it again.

Sometimes I say things…and yes, I know, we all do…but I know something not everyone knows…you can’t un-say a thing. Seems obvious, but every utterance is a 2 liter pop bottle that takes forever to go away unless you make it into something. I said a simple thing on facebook (the word made flash) and I take [...]

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