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fun new ways to connect!

I made a big production of how I got rid of the email list. ┬áremember, y’all were confused and looked at me with long, indulgent looks that said things to me like “Aww, I guess that’s just Kevin” and “well, whatever!” The thing to come in the wake of that is the Tuesday Project (and [...]

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I don’t get it enough.

There’s nothing like eye-opening conversation. I had a far too brief talk with Marissa Last night at the Rivers Edge Cafe. She’s smart and sharp and she asks great questions. She also tends to look at me like there’s something wrong with me, but that’s almost everyone…..speaking of which, do you ever notice the experience [...]

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Kevin Kodachrome

There’s a few places I try to get to pretty often. There’s a few places I try to get to pretty often. This is one of them and I’ll confess, I was religious about it a month ago and I’m becoming a Creaster as I run around like Diogenes with a wheel barrow. The other [...]

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An Open Letter to D’Addario Strings.

I hope by this point you realize that I’m a musician and that I’m profoundly cranky and opinionated. Today I get to bring the two together. Right here is the rewards program that is offered by my preferred string company. It’s garbage and I think they should know it. I don’t endorse anything. I am [...]

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You need to read this if you want to know what I’m scheming.

And I am scheming. Kinda….. Tuesdays are boring. I’m going to do something to sweeten that up for me and anyone willing to play along. Every Tuesday through October I’ll be posting a new song…not from the disc I’m recording, that will be out in it’s entirety In December…nope these will be covers. I’ll arrange, [...]

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