Christmas Tuesday Depressed

Okay. We got rid of those folks. I knew you loved me. I knew you understood me! I sent them to the happy version of this song, tee-hee. Suckers! We…we are enlightened here. We get the value of a good sad song…hell….and a story. I got a bit of both today:

Here’s the Tune for you.

You wonderful, wonderful people who truly understand me!

The explanation. This tune has had some life. It turns out when it was originally written for the MGM musical Meet Me in St Louis, it was written as something much more wistful as the family in the musical was leaving for New York and skipping out of the town they loved. Well, the stars of the musical, Judy Garland and Tom Drake, went to the writers – Hugh Martin andRalph Blane – and told them it was too damn depressing.


Martin didn’t really wanna re-write it, but he did. Sinatra recorded it later and further altered the words. The thing with me is, I kinda always go for the wistful and more depressing. So, for you, gentle reader and true fan..I give to you the sad and not so shining version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

That whole story is here if you wanna read up on it. The wikipedia article is pretty interesting, too.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks as always for showing up here. That’s a hell of a gift you keep on giving me. ¬†Go tell someone you love them. It feels good and increases the likelihood you’ll get naked.

I love you. Yes, you. Keep your pants on.


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  • RD says:

    I knew the story (thanks NPR) but 1st time I’ve gotten to hear the original lyric. Thanks. I actually printed and learned this (the happy version) yesterday. Guess I’ll forget it now. Nice work KT

  • me says:

    well played my love

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