It’s about time I got to this. 

I finally decided to get back to the website. I like it here, but I tend to be crappy with press and publicity and all that. Nevertheless, things changed in the two years since I updated. 

I have more stuff going on. I have Meathawk, but it’s a semi dormant project as I raise my kids. I have St. Malarkey, which is amazing and most of my current efforts. It’s the acoustic side. I’ll always have Small Shiny Things. Those are my guys. My family. 

Lastly I have things that are just me. I keep talking about recording – and I should. I regret that I don’t do it enough. I have more than enough material sitting around and probably enough that I like to do a few projects. Keep on me. A lot of it is time and some of it is money.  It’ll happen. Here’s this:

Thanks for stopping by. That sort of thing means a lot to me. 

I won’t be disappearing anytime soon. 


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